Welcome to Notebook 3.3!

This new version finally makes Notebook intuitive! This user guide is now unnecessary.

Here are the new features in this version:

Here are the bugs that were fixed in this version:

How to use Notebook 3.3:

You start at the text editor screen. Here, you can tap on the textbox and start typing. Use the slider at the top to change the font size. Tap the "Read" button to enter a Reading mode, where you cannot type. This makes it easier to scroll without bringing up your keyboard. The button turns to a "Write" button, and you can tap it to go back to the Writing mode. Tap the "Index" button (or use your device's Back button) to go to the list of "pages", or notes. The page is automatically saved when you exit. On this screen, you can see all of your pages and modify them. Tap a page to edit it. The rest of this scren explains itself. Try out all the buttons! The "Preferences" button takes you to the Preferences screen. Here, you can disable features, set the range for the font size slider, and change the font size of the page titles.

That's it! Enjoy Notebook for quick note-taking and, with the new Reading mode, being able to use your phone as a quick information reference on-the-go!